Spiritual Direction

Many people seek the help of a personal trainer to improve their overall health.Yet how many people seek someone out to help with improving their spiritual health and well-being?


A spiritual director is someone who can come alongside you and help point you toward a better awareness of the presence of God and the Holy Spirit in your everyday life. They will listen intently and prayerfully. They will guide you toward spiritual discipline and life rhythms that will hopefully help you become more aware to God’s presence throughout your day. Discerning the presence and the leading of the Holy Spirit is the central task of spiritual direction. A spiritual director will not lead you from the front or prod you from behind, rather he or she will walk beside you and seek Christ together with you on the journey.

A person might seek out spiritual direction for many reasons, including the following:

  • You want someone to continually help you be aware of the presence of God in your daily life.
  • You want to grow spiritually but you feel “stuck” and can’t seem to move forward.
  • You want to talk about spiritual things and need a safe place to explore those issues.
  • You want to establish sustaining spiritual rhythms that invite you into His presence.
  • Your season of life has changed and you want to invite God into this portion of your life.
  • You feel spiritually “dry” and want to experience God in life-giving ways.

If you are interested in spiritual direction you can reach Tim Loftin at 316-706-7729 or at tloftin@trinityacademy.org.
Tim has a BA and MS degree in Bible from Lubbock Christian University and received his certificate in Spiritual Direction from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.

There is a cost for spiritual direction. For most people, there is a sliding scale of $20 to $40 a session. However, if your income would keep you from participating, reduced fees will be offered.

Sessions last one hour and most people choose to meet once every 4 to 6 weeks with a spiritual director.